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5 Ways Mike Dillard Suggests To Build Your Business On A Budget Review
- by Eric Walker
October 18, 2008 10:27 PM
With Building On A Budget, Mike Dillard leads the network marketer or home business owner through five distinct methods of building any Internet network marketing business or home business. He provides an ongoing fictitious example with his Jumla Juice business.

Mike Dillard steers his target audience into more efficient practices that use technology to leverage labor. Building On A Budget is designed around working smart instead of hard.

Dillard advises that when starting a business on limited funds such as $500, that the business owner should not use it on one shot expenses.

Rather, he emphasizes that you must have a mentality to use the limited funds to learn new skills so you can take personal ownership and responsibility for your business. This is the real value in Building On A Budget, positioning you to increase your value to others.

Mike Dillard's Recommended Building On A Budget Strategies

#1 Turn Traffic in to Leads With Capture Pages

The goal of Building On A Budget is to provide the top five ways to generate traffic. So with this first strategy, Mike Dillard takes a moment to discuss a way to turn that traffic into leads using capture pages.

He provides examples and his rational with his fictitious Jumla Juice distributorship of copy that could be used for capture pages. Mike Dillard also offers his insight as what to do once the lead is captured.

The limiting factor with this chapter in Building On A Budget is that Dillard is telling us WHY to do various actions with a capture page, and this would be very helpful, but it assumes that everyone can create a capture page. In reality, many of the readers may not understand HOW to create a capture page in the first place.

#2 Using CraigsList to Place Free Classified Ads

Mike Dillard explains, step by step, how to place a classified ad at CraigsList, as well as offers suggestions about copy that should be used. He provides tips and tricks for posting to multiple listings.

However, the rules have changed since the publication of Building On A Budget for CraigsList. Mike Dillard does not discuss the many difficulties a majority of people have with multiple postings to CraigsList. Nor does he mention that it is the experience for many network marketers that the leads generated from CraigsList are people looking for jobs. In this sense, CraigsLists leads are often untargeted tire kickers.

# 3 Using Video to Generate Traffic

Mike Dillard walks the reader through the steps needed when creating video. These include targeting your audience, sending the right message to generate attraction and creating a clear purpose and call to action. He also provides a few services and resources that can be used with video to get better results and save time.
Mike Dillard makes the assumption that everyone is technically savvy enough to edit their own video and upload to various video sharing sites. Once again, while Dillard provides remarkable and valuable insight about WHY video should be used and a few things to keep in mind when creating video, the HOW is missing.

#4 and #5 Using Press Releases and Blogs to Get Better Results

These two chapters offer two more leveraged options for building your business on a budget. Mike Dillard teaches the reader everything from crafting the title, summary, body, call to action and submission of Press Releases. He suggests tangible action steps that will help even the complete novice with writing a press release.

Be sure to notice the website Dillard offers on page 2 of Building On A Budget where additional free bonus content, videos, and resources are available.

In the blogging section, Dillard attempts to tackle the complexity of blogging in ten pages. He glosses over these six distinct aspects of blogging:

  1. Reasons for a blog
  2. Choosing a topic for a blog
  3. Getting started
  4. Choosing a blog platform
  5. Launching a blog
  6. Jump starting your blog
None are in-depth, and once again, the problem that many readers will run into with Building On A Budget is that blogging is a difficult process to learn by reading a book about it.

Building On A Budget Review Summary

There is no question Mike Dillard's Building On A Budget offers value. It serves as a quality reminder that it doesn't necessarily take money to make money. All of his suggestions to leverage technology to grow your business are right on. After all, Dillard has all the credentials to back up what he writes. Business builders should heed the expertise he offers.

But Building On A Budget is a starting point, an overview of WHAT to do. It doesn't provide HOW to do it, and that is where the rubber meets the road; that, and the real value in Building On A Budget, is understanding is where many people get stuck.

To get the help you need to grow your business, click for step-by-step Internet Network Marketing Training.

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  1. 5 Ways Mike Dillard Suggests To Build Your Business On A Budget Review
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