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Global Domains International Business Review
- by Terri Stallcop

December 30, 2008 10:00 PM
Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI) is a company that sells an Internet services package of domain name registration, an email system, a website builder, a 10 page website and web hosting, all for $10/month.        

GDI Products - Virtual Real Estate

The owners of GDI, Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir, wanted to offer more than the commercial aspect of website and Internet services believing that in the future, personal websites would be common place all over the world.  Their vision is that your website address will be as common as your home address and phone number.    

So although GDI does sell ".com" extensions which actually means "commercial," they also obtained exclusive rights to the ".ws" extension, which stands for "website." The brand, Dot WS, is to help distinguish GDI as the Internet service company for individual people, as well as for commercial business.    

Internet Network Marketing Company
The founders Reed and Ezeir decided to put their brand of products, "dot WS," into a multi-level marketing (MLM) distributorship.  In other words they took Internet marketing products and combined them with a network marketing business model.  So GDI is a hybrid, so to speak.  It is an Internet network marketing company with a global market and a virtual product.  Their "customers" are independent affiliates who have zero inventory to manage, no auto-ship requirements, in fact, no shipping of any kind. 

GDI Business Opportunity

The global opportunity with GDI attracts people from all over the world.  The low cost of start up and the popular products make the business opportunity one of the easiest MLM businesses to build.  Attrition is low; retention is high, around 85%.  That too, builds loyalty because of a networking culture that is very close knit even though most of it happens, where else but... you guessed it - on the Net!       

After all, when all your customers are affiliates and all of your affiliates are customers, each of you with the potential of making "income for life" as long as you stick together, people do tend to stay.  "Income for life" is a GDI slogan that refers to the passive and residual income that is a part of all network marketing compensation plans.   

The Compensation Plan

Any one who creates wealth, instead of just making a living, has to have some type of leverage, which is, more often than not, other people working for you. In network marketing, the other people working for you are independent distributors, your downline.  As you help them build their businesses, they build yours.  Another slogan at GDI is "You can have whatever you want as long as you help others get what they want."  The compensation plan at GDI is designed to promote those behaviors.

The GDI compensation plan is one of the easiest MLM plans to explain.  Affiliates receive a 10% commission for every $10 sign up.  It costs $10/month to stay qualified as an affiliate. That pays for all of the GDI website services - domain name registration, website builder, 10 page website, website hosting and an email system plus back office ongoing education and support services. 

So, for example, if you sign up 5 people to receive these services at $10/month, and then  those 5 people do the same thing, sign up 5 people, who also sign of 5, etc. all the way down through 5 levels, that's over 3000 people in your downline.  Your monthly commissions of $1 per person, adds up to almost $4000/month, most of it in residual income.  Why?  Because you probably only had to work with your first and second generation.  Generations 3 through 5 provide residual income and eventually, the theory is, passive "income for life!" 

The Secret To Success In Internet Network Marketing

Before Internet network marketing was possible, network marketing was tougher.  The secret to success in the industry has always been to "get a large group of people to carry out a few simple actions over a consistent period of time." 

Well that is much easier to do using the Internet for recruiting and training.  No longer are network marketers confined to friends and family to build a business.  However, only a few network marketing companies are building global businesses in this way.  Most never teach Internet network marketing.  GDI is all about Internet network marketing.  That's exactly who they are.   

To get the help you need to grow your business, click for step-by-step Internet Network Marketing Training.

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