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BetterNetworker for Marketing Merge Renegade Professionals
— by Eric Walker
November 11, 2008 7:18 PM
Get Over to BetterNetworker, Learn the Ropes, Create Content, Brand Yourself and Connect with Community Members as Part of Your Ongoing Marketing Merge Renegade Professional Training is a tremendous community full of leaders, experts, network marketers and home business owners. BetterNetworker is also a great place to utilize and practice the "in the field" on-going learning you have undergone as a Marketing Merge Renegade Professional.

This is because is gaining and building momentum as one to the top niche social networking sites. And it's free. Internet network marketers, home and small business owners can add to their learning, and build new skill sets simply by reading the value offered from other people. There is, literally, something there for everyone.
Get Active at BetterNetworker But Be Sure to Get a Feel for How the Community Operates

There are a lot of opportunities to brand yourself and contribute in a very positive way. There are many "big guns" to learn from. It's a perfect compliment to your Marketing Merge Renegade Professional membership.

My recommendation is to start by reading the forums. There you will get a feel for the climate and attitude of the community, the dos and don'ts. Beware, BetterNetworker is full of truly "better networkers" and those who don't follow the unspoken ways and means will be ostracized. Spammers and self-serving jokers will do more harm than good for themselves.

Be Cautious Not to Over-Promote Your Marketing Merge Renegade University Membership

Avoid the trap of over-promoting Marketing Merge Renegade University. Until you establish your credibility and reputation, simply build up a body of content. When you get to the point of creating attraction, then you can tell them about Marketing Merge Renegade Professional.

Here's why...You don't want to brand yourself as "That Renegade Guy or Gal"...assuming that's not the "brand' you're going for. Reread Magnetic Sponsoring because BetterNetworker is built around those concepts. Even the attitude of BetterNetworker smacks of Magnetic Sponsoring.

Reread Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring, Specifically Chapter 8... "No One Who Bought a Drill Wanted a Drill, They Wanted a Hole"

Remember that Marketing Merge Renegade Professional is a vehicle for internet network marketers and home and small business owners to get where they want to be with their network marketing business, not a business in and of itself.

Instead of talking all about how great Marketing Merge Renegade University is and what there is to offer, take this chapter eight of Magnetic Sponsoring, Mike Dillard provides the analogy that no one who bought a drill wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. In this regard, no one wants to join Marketing Merge Renegade Professional; they want internet network marketing training so they can build their primary biz (or learn how to generate their own leads).

In this regard, leverage what you have learned from Marketing Merge Renegade Professional without all the chatter and fuss about how great it is.

In fact specifically at BetterNetworker, treat your Marketing Merge Renegade Professional membership as if it was your primary network marketing business.

At BetterNetworker, as at most social networking sites, you must focus solely on providing value to the community without want of something more. You'll find that you have to "norm" with the BetterNetworker community group before you can "form" with the group, (or else you'll "storm" with the group).

To get the help you need to grow your business, click for step-by-step Internet Network Marketing Training.

Eric Walker Eric Walker has been a public school teacher and youth athletic coach for nearly ten years. He now leverages his ability to communicate and convey information to teach others for Internet Network Marketing training and coaching. He will work with his clients to use attraction marketing and the Internet to generate leads for network marketers, and home and small business owners.
The Better Networker: Social Networking for Internet Network Marketers at BetterNetworker
by Kevin Thomas
If you're looking for a social networking site that is truly dedicated to internet network marketing and home based business owners, BetterNetworker is the place to go. BetterNetworker essentially replaced Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring website, which basically supported the Magnetic Sponsoring course and its affiliates.
A Social Networking Site for Network Marketers
BetterNetworker has created an open and giving environment, based on Mike Dillards Magnetic Sponsoring philosophies and principles of attraction marketing. Everyone is encouraged to participate by sharing their knowledge and experiences related to internet network marketing, without being boastful and self promoting. It's an idea whose time has definitely come, as I think you will agree if you've visited any of the other social sites around the internet, where self promotion has gotten out of hand.
The site allows for complete interaction for everyone from newbies to experienced networkers alike. The community is robust and packed with valuable and relevant education and information for network marketers and their home based businesses.
Content Sharing and Training at BetterNetworker
You're able to submit content by way of articles, videos, podcasts, forums, and groups related to network marketing and home based business issues. Just make sure you're following the rules and regulations set forth by the BetterNetworker staff, because self promotion and out right hard selling is not tolerated.
The training resources and software reviews are excellent. You'll even have access to some of the best MLM and Home based business opportunities anywhere on the internet. The Better Networker is arguably the most popular website in the world for network marketers and home based business owners. It's a place to feel at home without the constant self promoting barrage of network marketers who just don't get it.
I've been involved with many social sites in the past and will continue my participation with social networking sites that are relevant and valuable to my network marketing business needs. But I have yet to find one that addresses the needs in every area of network marketing as well as the Better Networker.
If you're searching for a site to help you develop cutting edge strategies for your network marketing business, I would suggest BetterNetworker. There's no other site of its kind on the internet.
To get the help you need to grow your business, click for step-by-step Internet Network Marketing Training.
Kevin Thomas Kevin Thomas is a 20 year traditional bricks and mortar entrepreneur who is using his business expertise to teach people the most effective techniques on how to start a internet network marketing business.

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