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Social Bookmarking for Internet Traffic: Do Follow or No Follow
-by Becky Joubert
November 4, 2008 11:43 PM
You write a great article and you have high hopes that someone will see it. You post it, and wait.  Will anyone visit?  That may depend on your bookmarking skills. Google and other search engines have different methods of calculating what links are important and which ones they will ignore.

Posting your content at Do Follow bookmarking sites will increase your chances of more traffic, and your search engine rankings.

What is Do Follow?  To be honest, it's not No Follow.  No Follow was originally created to stop spammers from leaving all their self-serving links and low-value comments on blogs to get backlinks for their material.  If it didn't go anywhere or help them be seen by the search engines, then what was the point?  I'm sure it has cleaned up a lot of blogs, but made it more frustrating for those of us who are trying to "link-build" in order to have our content noticed.

Using Do Follow social bookmarking sites means our links are "seen" and have influence over search engines ratings, and can be followed.  Do Follow helps our links become "popular".  It's the power of visibility. Using Do Follow bookmarking sites is like giving your links a passport to wherever they want to go, instead of facing reinforced border patrols. 

About What to Follow:  Google says that the "Googlebot" simply does not follow links left at No Follow sites.  Links that you leave at No Follow bookmarking sites do not count as backlinks to the search engines.  No "link juice" for you!  Other search engines like Yahoo say that No Follow links are still seen, but just not treated with as much respect.  Without using a lot of big words, that's the only way I can explain it.  Which should you choose?

There are 2 different types of Bookmarking sites.  One type is a social bookmarking site where "news" is shared and members socialize along with the shared content, like Digg, or StumbleUpon.  The other type of bookmarking site is simply a public list, in this case, of the sites you deemed worthy of bookmarking and sharing with Google and friends; like Delicious and Furl.

Using No Follow bookmarking sites is not bad, just different.  There are a lot of good bookmarking sites that are No Follow and use their own type of linking system.  Those No Follow sites, like Delicious, are still really valuable to your marketing because of all the people who still see the links.  Also, your links could still be bookmarked by other people from No Follow sites and travel elsewhere.

There seems to be a discrepancy over which bookmarking sites are Do Follow.

Here's a list that most agree on:

There are many more to choose from.  I have not included article bookmarking sites, like Digg, in this list.  You can choose from Do Follow and No Follow that you enjoy using and feel comfortable with.  Just make sure your site is set to be seen by the public. 

To Do Follow or Not Do Follow; That is the Question.  Without bookmarking your content, you are relying on your content to be found without much help.  Using Do Follow bookmarking sites is a little thing you can do to help it be found and increase your Internet traffic and search engine rankings. Using No Follow bookmarking sites is still exposure for your content, so don't underestimate their value.

By regularly bookmarking other content you run across in random patterns, along with your own, you promote valuable content for everyone to benefit from.   Everyone wins.

To get the help you need to grow your business, click for step-by-step Internet Network Marketing Training.

Becky Joubert Becky Joubert has been in health-related Network Marketing businesses for over 15 years, with over 20 years in Health and Nutrition. Now, as Internet Network Marketing coach teaching Attraction Marketing to home-based business owners, Becky builds "healthy" Network Marketing businesses on the Internet; teaching you how to attract prospects to your business.Marketing coach teaching Attraction Marketing to home-based business owners, Becky builds "healthy" Network Marketing businesses on the Internet; teaching you how to attract prospects to your business.

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