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Funded Sponsored Proposal: The Power of Affiliate Marketing
August 24, 2008 10:25 PM

The funded sponsored proposal, also known as funded sponsoring proposal is a relatively new way to build a network marketing business.

Made popular by the books Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard and The Renegade Network Marketer by Ann Sieg, a funded sponsored proposal uses the power of affiliate marketing to create an additional income stream. This income can then be used to offset the marketing costs for your primary network marketing business.

The Funded Sponsoring Proposal Philosophy

To understand the concept of a funded proposal, you must first understand the philosophy behind the concept.

Have you heard of the California Gold Rush?

Back in the 1800's, there was a rush of people to California because of the discovery of gold in the region. While people pulled up their stakes and went out in search for gold, smart entrepreneurs set up shops in California. They offered tools and resources to support people looking for gold.

Did everybody who participated in the gold rush get rich? No they did not.

Did everybody who set up businesses to support people looking for gold get rich? No, but a lot of them did!

The 21st Century Global Gold Rush is in Network Marketing

Today we are in the midst of another gold rush. However this gold rush isn't restricted to a specific geographical location. The gold rush of the 21st century is the gold rush of the entrepreneur.

With the power of the internet and the globalization of the world's countries there has never been a time when it was easier to set up and promote a business.

As part of this trend, millions of people around the world are turning to the direct sales and network marketing industries.

With a funded sponsored proposal, you capitalize on this trend by providing support for entrepreneurs looking to build their network marketing businesses.

You offer information products, tools and software, seminars and courses, even physical books and materials to help distributors in the network marketing industry learn how to effectively build their businesses.

These products can be of your own creation or they can be other people's products. When you earn a commission for marketing other people's products, it is called affiliate marketing.

How Does The Funded Sponsored Proposal Work?

The first step is to create content related to the market you are looking to target.

An excellent market to target is network marketers. This is a great market because network marketers spend freely on resources they believe will give them an added advantage to building their network marketing business.

The second step is to promote the content you have created. For example, if you create an article that teaches network marketing distributors how to get a new distributor started right, there are many ways you can promote that content:

  • You can post it to a blog and use a "ping" feature to tell the search engines that your blog has been updated.
  • You can submit the article to an article submission directory or an ezine related to network marketing.
  • You can even convert the article to an audio file or a video file and submit it to a podcast directory or a video sharing website.

Once you have promoted your content, you need to include a link back to your funded proposal's opt in page. This is the page where a prospect can submit their name and email address to request more information.

If, after submitting their information, the prospect purchases an affiliate marketing product, you receive a commission for that sale.

Set Up Funded Sponsored Proposals at Marketing Merge

Funded sponsoring proposals are relatively simple to set up even if you are new.

There are many proposals that are already built and ready to go. You can use them to help you to start to earn commissions right away.

Then, you can use your earnings to fund your primary network marketing opportunity.

At Marketing Merge, we offer step-by-step tutorials to walk you through the entire process of setting up funded sponsored proposals.

We leave no stone unturned so you can literally go from brand new to being able to set up and start marketing your very first funded sponsored proposal.

Contents at a Glance
  1. Funded Sponsored Proposal: The Power of Affiliate Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing Products and Funded Sponsoring Proposals
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Affiliate Marketing Products and Funded Sponsoring Proposals
August 24, 2008 10:31 PM
Affiliate marketing products are your best friend in a network marketing business when you are using the attraction marketing with funded sponsored proposal approach to build your business.


Because when used properly, you can create an income stream that will completely fund all of your business activities for your primary network marketing opportunity.

What Are Affiliate Marketing Products?

Affiliate marketing products are any product, service or program in which the marketing company offers to pay an affiliate commission if you refer a customer who purchases the product.

As an example, suppose I create an e-book entitled "How I Build a Six-Figure Income in Network Marketing While Staying at My Day Job."

I begin to sell my e-book online for $37. However, I offer to pay an affiliate commission of $20 to anyone referring a customer to me who purchases my e-book.

You sign up for my affiliate marketing program and receive a special link that tracks your referrals. You send an email out to your entire downline recommending that they purchase my book.

As a result of your email, 5 distributors on your network marketing team purchase my book, each paying $37. I pay you $100 for the recommendation, and I keep the remaining $85 for myself.

This is how affiliate marketing products work.

How to Fund Your Primary Network Marketing Business with Affiliate Products

So how do affiliate products allow you to fund your primary network marketing business?

Do you have to promote them to your organization in order to make money?

No you do not.

In fact, you can literally make money every month from affiliate marketing products without EVER promoting them to your network marketing organization, if you simply learn how to incorporate them into your overall marketing approach and strategy.

How do you incorporate affiliate products in your approach?

Step One: Include links to affiliate marketing products in your content pages

Your content pages are the web pages you create to "attract" your ideal prospect to you.

Not every prospect who visits your pages will be interested in learning more about you. However, if you add affiliate links to an offer that they ARE interested in, you can earn an affiliate commission even though they never do business with you.

Step Two: Include links to affiliate marketing products on your thank you pages

A thank you page is a web page that your prospect sees after signing up on your landing page.

Your landing page is the page where you offer the prospect something of value in exchange for the prospect's name and email address so you can follow up with him or her.

The purpose of the thank you page is to acknowledge the prospect for signing up for whatever offer you presented on your landing page. However you can also provide affiliate links on this page to create an additional profit stream for you.

Step Three: Include links to affiliate marketing products in your follow up emails

If you have a series of follow up emails designed to build relationships with your prospects you should include links to affiliate products that your prospect will find of value.

Step Four: Participate in affiliate marketing programs where the company pays you for the life of the customer not just a one time sale.

For example, with the Magnetic Sponsoring program, you get paid on ANY product a customer you referred purchases, not just the initial product. This allows you to earn additional income in the form of back end sales promoted by the owner, in this case Mike Dillard, of that affiliate product.

Affiliate Payout Schedules

Affiliate marketing products have different pay schedules.

The most common pay out for affiliate products is twice a month.

Some pay out only once a month.

Still others pay as soon as the initial sale is made.

It is important to know when the payout takes place so you will know when to expect your money.

Fund Your Network Marketing Business Expenses with Affiliate Marketing Commissions

While you can certainly use these affiliate commissions for whatever you want, I recommend that you use them to support your business building efforts.

There are certain expenses related to participating in a network marketing business. You can use your affiliate commissions to fund your business while you continue to recruit and build teams.

Eventually your primary network marketing business will be funded by the residuals from your customers and team's customers and the affiliate marketing commissions will be extra income for you.


Contents at a Glance
  1. Funded Sponsored Proposal: The Power of Affiliate Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing Products and Funded Sponsoring Proposals
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